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Hongyang (Ryan) Zhang
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Northeastern University

177 Huntington Ave, Mailstop 177-2211
Boston, MA 02115
Email: ho.zhang@northeastern.edu
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Hi! I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University, Boston, working at the intersection of machine learning, learning theory, design and analysis of algorithms, and networks. Some of the topics I work on are:

I received a Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford, where I worked within the theoretical computer science and the statistical machine learning groups. I was a postdoc at UPenn for a brief stint. More information about me can be found in my cv.

I enjoy working on technically challenging problems, and strive for broader impacts by creating new knowledge and promoting education. I support accessible and reproducible research. See our experiment codes on GitHub. Here is a list of my recent activities.


See below for some of my representative papers


You may also see my Google Scholar for publication information.

Here is a a deck of slides that presentes our recent and ongoing work where we develop neural networks to simultaneously solve many tasks.



Currently advising

Graduated students

Prospective students: I am actively looking for students to join us. If you have ideas, you are welcome to contact me to discuss. We host visiting students who are passionate about research, and we work with students who are already on campus. You may want to look at our recent papers and projects first before reaching out to me. I am particularly looking for students with a strong background in mathematics or in programming. You can email me at hongyang90@gmail.com.

Note for student visitors: The 177 building has access control. If you plan to visit me in-person, you should confirm the scheduled time with me before arrival so that I could give you permission to enter the building at the security.

Professional Services

Program Committee: ICML (2019-2023; meta-reviewer, 2024), NeurIPS (2019-2024), ICLR (2021-2024), COLT (2024), AISTATS (2021-2022; meta-reviewer, 2023-2024), ALT (meta-reviewer, 2024), KDD (2023-2024), AAAI (2020-2022), WWW 2022, WSDM (2022-2024).

External Conference/Journal Reviewer: STOC (2017, 2018, 2022), FOCS (2015, 2024), SODA (2016, 2021), ITCS (2018, 2019), WINE (2014), ICALP (2014). IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (2022), JMLR (2022), TMLR (2023-).

Conference Organization: INFORMS session chair (2023-2024).


I grew up in Tianmen, Hubei (in China) and my family currently lives in Tianjin. My Chinese name is written as 张泓洋.