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Hongyang R. Zhang

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Northeastern University

177 Huntington Ave, Room 2211
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Hi! I am an assistant professor of computer science at Northeastern University. My research interests lie in machine learning, algorithms, learning theory, social and information networks. I am a member of the Statstical Machine Learning group and the Theory group.

Machine learning has made significant advance over the past decade. In order to fulfill the promise inspired by the recent development, we need a better understanding of when and why machine learning techniques work. My recent work has tapped into the algorithmic aspects of modern machine learning techniques. One particular problem that I have been focusing on over the last few years is how to learn from limited data, since annotating unlabeled data is often expensive. To this end, we have developed a rigorous framework to think about what information transfer means in the context of multi-task learning (ICLR 2020, arXiv 2021).

From a different perspective, my work has also examined the generalization effects of data augmentation (ICML 2020). In this line of ideas, we are particularly interested in quantifying the impact of changing the data, as opposed to changing the algorithm.

Finally, I'm exploring topics related to network data analysis (KDD 2016) and robustness in machine learning. In earlier works, I've also worked on understanding the dynamics of non-convex optimization algorithms such as SGD in over-parametrized neural networks (COLT 2018).

Prospective students: I'm looking for PhD students who are strong in coding and passionate about pursuing research to join my group, starting in Fall 2022. If you are interested, feel free to send me your CV and describe your interests. Thanks!

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My Chinese name written in Chinese characters is 张泓洋.