Hongyang Ryan Zhang
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Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Khoury College of Computer Sciences
Northeastern University

ho.zhang@northeastern.edu (work)
hongyang@cs.stanford.edu (personal)

Address: 177 Huntington Ave, Room 2211 (note).
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Hi! I am an assistant professor of computer science at Northeastern University since Fall 2020. My research interests lie at the intersection of learning theory, machine learning, and networks, with a particular emphasis on the design and analysis of algorithms, and the generalization properties of deep neural networks. I received my Ph.D. from Stanford, advised by Ashish Goel and Greg Valiant. Meanwhile, I had the great fortune working with the TCS and ML groups at Stanford. Before moving to Boston, I spent ten months as a postdoc at UPenn's statistics department. I received my B.Eng. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

My current research focuses on methodological and theoretical questions in machine learning and graphs, including:





Prior to 2019

Remark: Some of my papers, marked by an asterisk, use an alphabetical ordering of author names.


I work with an amazing group of students including: Dongyue Li (Ph.D., starting 2021), Haoyu He (Ph.D., starting 2022), Haotian Ju (MS in Data Analytics, since 2021), Shreya Singh (MS in CS, since 2022), and Jack Wilkins (Undergraduate in CS, since 2022).

Graduated students: Virender Singh (MS 2021; First employment: SDE at Salesforce)

Prospective students interested in pursuing theoretical and algorithmic aspects of machine learning are welcome to contact me. Take a look at my recent papers and recent projects at GitHub. Undergraduate students interested in pursuing research are also encouraged to contact me. If you did not receive a reponse from me in one week, please send it again. Thanks!

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